heal with Alchemy Podcast

Hi, I’m Marisa. Shamanic Healer & Meditation teacher. I help women transform their inner and outer worlds through shamanic meditation and the Toltec Path (The practice of The Four Agreements, a book written by Don Miguel Ruiz). My journey begins on 01/07/2008 in a drug and alcohol rehab center in Ventura, California. From that day, I have embarked on a journey of healing and transformation, helping other women heal along the way. If you desire change, or to simply just love yourself exactly as you are, then welcome home. This podcast is here to help you unlearn all of the beliefs that limit you and remember who you really are: A magical spiritual being. This podcast also an additional container that supports our community, Sisters of the Moon. I invite you to join our circle as we journey home to our highest selves.

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