Marisa La Fata 

Shamanic Healer & Transformation Guide 

Welcome, I am so happy you are here. My name is Marisa, and I have been helping women for over 10 years. The work we do together is a process of unlearning and remembering, birthed from my own journey of healing through shamanic practices, connection to the Divine Feminine, and the Toltec Path of Transformation (The practice of The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz). 

Unlearning is a process of identifying painful beliefs and agreements we have made with the world around us. Almost every negative or painful belief we believe about ourselves to be true, stems from an agreement we made with someone else. Whether that be a parent, friend, partner, or what we saw on television, we made agreements that we were not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, charismatic enough, loveable enough, or worthy enough. We move through our lives limited by these beliefs and often find ourselves in so much internal pain. Often wondering, why is it so hard to love myself? Our internal pain eventually turns external, and we can find ourselves in patterns that harm us, unhealthy relationships, or so consumed by our roles, or the expectations we have put upon ourselves, that we feel we have forgotten who we truly are. Unlearning is also a process of shifting our perception. When we understand where an agreement comes from, it takes a lot of its power away. Most of our agreements we made at a very young age, and as adults, when we look back at these moments, it becomes increasingly clear that they are lies. We continue to tell ourselves these lies because we haven't given ourselves permission to question whether or not our beliefs are true, and work to set new ones in their place. 

And that is where Remembering comes in. I am not talking about positive affirmations, or fake-it-til-you-make-it. I am talking about deeply connecting to the heart center to ask yourself what it is you truly believe about yourself and the world around you. I am talking about remembering. Remembering and coming to a place of KNOWING that you are an amazing, magical, beautiful spiritual being. You are worthy of a happy life. You are worthy of freedom from the voices inside of your head. You are worthy of loving yourself exactly as you are. 

So how do we do that? Through shamanic meditation. A process of going into the heart center and the other realm to see clearly and shift our perceptions. Through these vision journeys you connect to the deepest parts of self, fully supported by me, your Higher Self, Helping Spirits, and Guides. Together we awaken the Shaman within. I will help you unlearn, remember, and discover a path of spiritual practice that comes most authentic to you. 

My intention is to support you in healing yourself. To help you ignite your inner fire, connect to your gifts, and become so grounded in who you are, that no matter what, you can move through life with a deep inner knowing that you are loved, supported, and can get through anything that comes your way. 

I am going to tell you a true story. You overcome it all. The End. 

-Jaiya John  

All of the wisdom I offer you is born out of my personal journey of healing and transformation. While throughout my life I experienced abuse from others, I spent the majority of my life healing from all of the ways I emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally abused myself. I tried desperately to seek relief in relationships, drugs, alcohol, food, and paths of spirituality that never truly aligned for me. And while at 24 years old I did find recovery from my addictions, I would remain addicted to the voices in my head for many years. My external world may have looked fine to those around me, but a voice of self-hate remained the ruler of my reality. 

In my experience, healing is an ongoing, multi-layered journey and when we are ready for the next level of healing, the teacher appears. Being ready is often birthed from darkness, pain, and incredible discomfort. It requires a surrender that is so frightening. If I let go, if I stop trying to control, who will be there to catch me? Finally, I was ready. I had to let go. I couldn’t hang on anymore and what caught me was the wisdom of The Four Agreements.

Through books, retreats, and a deep immersion inside the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, HeatherAsh Amara, and Susan Gregg, I found freedom from the voices in my head. The book The Four Agreements cracked me open. Everything I ever felt deep in my heart was written on those pages and it wasn’t just a book. It wasn’t just profound words of wisdom. It was a practice. A practice that transformed my inner and outer world. 

I went on a journey of unlearning, and I also discovered a deep connection I have with the unseen realm. Long-lasting healing and transformation came to me through not only the practice of the Four Agreements, but the practice of going within through shamanic meditation. The world became my alter, rituals a part of my everyday life, and with eyes closed or open I could meditate, call on my guides, transform my energy body, and shift my perception. 

When I was new in my journey I believed I could obtain total freedom. I would master The Four Agreements, I would never suffer, never take anything personally, and become enlightened. I quickly discovered three things. One: To be a monk on the mountain would be a very lonely life for me. Because with relationships to people, places, and things comes attachments, and with attachment comes suffering. It is a part of life. Two: I become more spiritually "enlightened" by actually moving through pain and suffering, not avoiding it at all costs. And last, but not least, I am of no use to you if I "arrive." The medicine I have to give is because I still suffer, and still have to live life on life's terms just like you, but now I know suffering is only temporary and I hope to never again feel complete defeat. I love myself today. I have a perfectly imperfect, great, big magical life, and I want the same for you. 


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