You are magic.

We have been given a deep connection to the cycles of the earth and to one another. We all carry the gifts of empathy, intuition, healing capabilities, and so much more. We are powerful and magical and yet, so many of us find ourselves being overcome by anxiety, fear, and a disconnection to our true selves. We have so many roles: mother, partner, wife, business owner, employee, sister, daughter ... the list goes on. We carry these roles like cloaks and after a while, we find there are so many layers blocking us from our own inner light, from our deepest desires, and dreams. The weight of the world feels heavy and soon our relationship to ourselves feels non-existent. We carry outdated beliefs, expectations, and judgements about who we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to look like, and how we are supposed to act and feel. We have been taught over and over that if we want to feel better or different we should "take something" or "see someone" to "fix" us.
If you desire change, or to simply just love yourself exactly as you are, then welcome home. You are the shaman, the healer, the oracle, the magical being, and I would be honored to help you remember who you really are.

My Offerings

Each month we gather in person and on zoom for shamanic meditation, sisterhood, and magic. 
Deepen into your spiritual practice, self-love, and be held by a community of women practicing unconditional love for themselves and one another.

1:1 Coaching

Ritual Healings

This deep work begins with a 12-week commitment. Together, we create a consistent practice of connecting to the heart center and the other realm through processing, energy work, and shamanic meditation. We unearth your challenges, take a look at your beliefs and agreements, prepare for the release of story, and cleanse and clear what isn't serving.

This is a 90-minute Shamanic healing session. Perfect for clients who come on an as-needed basis. Tend to any challenges, major life events or choices that need to be made, or just reset your energetic container. This is a time of processing, coupled with shamanic visioning meditation.

The Digital Cauldron

Access rituals, teachings, meditations, and community connection, right on your phone. This offering is created to provide you with the consistent practice of returning to the other realm for your continued connection to your Higher Self and your helping Spirit Guides.

Sisters of the Moon

Herstory of Healing

My Medicine Bag

Eagle Knight Apprenticeship w/ Don Jose Ruiz.
Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training w/ HeatherAsh Amara.
Fourteen years experience with drug and alcohol recovery mentorship. 
Six years experience as a mental health worker in behavioral health hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
Six years facilitating transformational workshops.
Five years shamanic healing practice.
Continued expansion of my own personal practice through continued education, apprenticeships and spiritual retreats. 

Healing through Shamanic Meditation & The Toltec Path 

All of the wisdom I offer you is born out of my own personal journey of healing and transformation. 

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