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“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by choice.”

-HeatherAsh Amara

Join me on a journey of deep healing, ritual and magic. Whether it be 1:1 support, gathering in circle with other women, workshops, or access to free meditations and teachings, I invite you to find something here that supports you on your journey.

1:1 Journey of Transformation

Awakening the Shaman within

This deep work begins with a 12-week commitment. Together we create a consistent practice of connecting to the heart center and the other realm through processing, energy work and shamanic meditation. We unearth your challenges, take a look at your beliefs and agreements, prepare for release of story and cleanse and clear what isn't serving. This is a process of unlearning, and using the four agreements as a practice for personal freedom and self-love. Together we move you from head to heart, returning to the practices of your ancestors: ritual and earth medicine.

Shifting our inner and outer world takes time, and everyone’s journey is different. What I have learned in my years of offering a 12-week journey is that for many, 12 weeks is not enough, and for some it is exactly what they needed. So this is where we begin. We let your heart guide the way, and when our time is complete, we will know, and you will leave our time together, the shaman of your own life. 

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Ritual Healings

Going Within 

90-minute Shamanic healing session. Perfect for clients who come on an as-needed basis. Tend to any challenges, major life events, choices that need to be made, or just reset your energetic container. This is a time of processing coupled with shamanic visioning meditation. $180 

Sisters of the Moon

join the sisterhood

Each month we gather in person & on Zoom for shamanic meditation, sisterhood, and magic. Together we deepen into the energy of the Goddess, building deeper connections with ourselves and each other. A place to practice trust, unconditional love, and being present with exactly where we are. Our circle is a safe and sacred place for cisgendered and transgendered women. You will find more information on the event page. 

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Meditation & Magic Subscription 

Your Digital Cauldron

Access rituals, teachings, meditations, and community connection, right on your phone. This offering is created to provide you with the consistent practice of returning to the other realm for your continued connection to your Higher Self and your helping Spirit Guides. The teachings are intended to inspire, help shift perception, and nourish a relationship with yourself rooted in unconditional love. The rituals and tarot card pulls provide you with that extra magic, or medicine we often need to get us through the day or week. The circles offer an opportunity to build community, to share experience, and heal alongside one another. 
There are five membership tiers ranging from $4.99-$150.00 a month. 





"I can (and do) say to anyone who will listen that Marisa has changed my life. My journey with Marisa started when I was in the throes of new motherhood, and with her guidance I found peace within myself and within parenting. The years have gone on and we have continued together to explore my personal boundaries and how to withhold them. My anxiety is at an all-time low thanks to breath work and guided meditations. Leaving a session with Marisa is like leaving a spa. I often enter wound-up and leave feeling deeply relaxed. Knowing Marisa is an honor and receiving her magic is a true gift. -L 

The work Marisa does is magic. I feel so lucky to have had her by my side on this healing journey. Marisa helped me examine and change painful patterns in my relationships with men and by extension helped me discover and embrace the feminine power that had been at my core all along. Since then, I’ve continued to booked one-on-one visioning sessions and each time I am blown away by what I learn about myself. I am infinitely grateful and highly recommend her as a healer and guide!"


"I came to see Marisa because I was having trouble with attachment. Attachment to ideas and people that were unhealthy and consuming. I hoped to find a way to remain stable and true to myself through difficult situations. I received a connection to part of myself that I had been dimming for years. I began to trust my internal nudges and know my true spirit. I was given tools to asses and nurture my physical body, my emotional body, my energy body, and my physical surroundings. I was able to build a sacred space to meet my guides. Through recapitulation, I learned energetic detachment and mental freedom. I was given tools to differentiate between the social values I identify with and what ones were limiting me. I walked away with a firm grounding in my spiritual connection to the greater whole, and understanding of a tangible way to connect to my guides and freedom from self judgement about my true spiritual beliefs."

"When I first met Marisa, I was immediately intrigued with her work, but I was scared. My life was a mess. I was in the midst of a major career change. And I was grieving the loss of my professional identity and a close friend. I had already experienced so much recent change I didn't feel "ready" to open myself up to more "self-work". I blinked and 6 months had passed, and I was still stuck between two professions and still trapped in grief and fear.  
I scheduled my one-on-one with Marisa. She is so easy to talk with, and she provides guidance and council free of judgement. The individualized guided meditation allowed me to fully release my past and set a solid plan for the future. One 90-minute one-on-one session provided me more clarity than 18-months of traditional therapy. I set a path to resign from my toxic job in healthcare and put my all into my new career. I feel empowered and supported and I couldn't have done it without Marisa. I am forever grateful."


"Working with Marisa has been life-changing! I had been struggling with limiting beliefs in many areas of my life, and no amount of self-help was working. Through gentle spiritual and meditation work, Marisa has helped me discover the root of many of my beliefs in order to rewrite my agreements. Her ability to connect with others on a spiritual level is incredible. Her guidance and reading/journaling recommendations have truly been transformative. I highly recommend anyone in need of uncovering their inner magical work with Marisa!!"



"I absolutely LOVE the meditation and magic subscription. I feel fully supported all month long and the consistent practice of meditating with my Higher Self and helping Spirit Guides has been so healing and transformational for me!"

Sisters of the Moon has been such a nourishing part of my healing journey. The women are so compassionate, non-judgmental, open, and even though we are on zoom I feel so connected to everyone, and truly part of a sisterhood. I hope anyone considering coming will join us! 



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